Panthers Reportedly Have A ‘Consensus’ For No. 1 Pick And NFL Fans Take Wild Guesses

Panthers HC Frank Reich

Getty Image / Justin Casterline

The NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday and we’ll finally see where each prospect will land.

After making a big trade, the Carolina Panthers moved up to acquire the number one pick overall. However, they haven’t known which quarterback to select.

With that said, it sounds like the Panthers finally know who they’re going to take with the first pick overall. NFL fans can’t help but take guesses at who it might be.

According to Cameron Wolfe, general manager Scott Fitterer, and head coach Frank Reich came to a “consensus” only recently.

So, the Panthers know who they’re going to select in the NFL Draft with the top pick. However, Reich doesn’t reveal who that is just yet.

Considering rumors have floated around for each of the top prospect quarterbacks, it could be anybody.

For that reason, NFL fans couldn’t help but take their guess as to who they think Carolina will select on Thursday night.

Will Carolina take the betting favorite, Bryce Young?

Some people are very high on Anthony Richardson.

Matt Mosley thinks he’s got it figured out!

Meanwhile, this guy believes things are a little fishy.

Wouldn’t that be something?

We won’t know who the Panthers take in the NFL Draft until Thursday.

On top of that, they’re likely going to use up the entire clock even though they have a “consensus” decision. This seems to be the case every year. Mainly due to advertising.

Oh well, at least the Panthers came up with a decision before the draft kicks off.

With that said, Carolina could take any quarterback at this moment. But who will they select?