NFL Fans Can’t Help But Call Out Lamar Jackson After Jalen Hurts’ Latest Comments

NFL superstar Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / Mitchell Leff

Jalen Hurts recently signed a new five-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, earning him $255 million ($179. 304 million guaranteed).

He’s now the highest-paid quarterback in league history within that time span. Meanwhile, Lamar Jackson remains without a long-term deal.

Hurts was asked about why he opted not to sign a deal giving him a fully guaranteed contract. His response has NFL fans calling out Lamar Jackson.

According to James Palmer, Jalen Hurts reveals he didn’t want to sign a fully guaranteed deal so the Eagles would have money left over to pay his teammates.

Here’s his full statement about his contract.

First of all, let me point out that Hurts didn’t sign for a minimum deal. The guy is getting paid more money within a five-year span than anyone else in league history.

Even so, his contract is set up in a way for the Eagles to renegotiate before his contract becomes incredibly expensive for the club.

Despite that, NFL fans couldn’t help but call out Lamar Jackson, as the Baltimore Ravens quarterback has continuously pushed for as much guaranteed money as possible.

The answer to this guy’s question is “a lot.”

NFL fans never shy away from calling out players.

John Gray makes an excellent point. The Ravens are not the Eagles.

These fans have no chill.

For now, Lamar Jackson remains on the Ravens after receiving the franchise tag. However, he has yet to sign it.

His future in Baltimore is still very much in the air with the NFL Draft right around the corner.

With that said Lamar Jackson could still end up playing anywhere in the NFL. But we’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out.

Jackson’s contract situation could progress throughout the entire summer, which would put the Ravens in a tough spot.