NFL Fans React To Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs Getting Embarrassed By Chargers QB Justin Herbert

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Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs is having a rough training camp.

Last week, Diggs had to delete his Twitter account because he was constantly getting mocked by fans after getting cooked in practice by Cowboys wide receivers.


Cornerback Trevon Diggs made a decision halfway through training camp: no more Twitter.

“It’s toxic,” said Diggs, who was joined by his son Aaiden at the podium after Monday’s practice. “I used to be on Twitter a lot, but I’m in camp. I’m trying to focus. I’m trying to lock in and just be better every day.”

Diggs might want to stay away from Twitter for another few weeks because another video of him getting cooked in camp is making the rounds on social media.

During a joint practice session on Thursday, Diggs got embarrassed by Chargers QB Justin Herbert.

Fans once again roasted Diggs after his latest low-light.\

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