NFL Fashion Review Week 13: Derrick Henry Returns To King

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Week 13 of the NFL season felt more like a different planet, probably because it was. Between all the COVID stuff and everything else, nothing made sense.

MISSING IN ACTION: There were no BYEs (Actually, there were two!) But next week there are finally none for the rest of the regular season. Everyone on deck! And of course there’s a game on Tuesday — yes, TUESDAY — and not sure what to make of that. Mess? Yes. The NFL is trying so hard to pretend nothing’s wrong when they’re clearly oblivious and dysfunctional. Now, please, someone make football happy again.

Anyway, let’s get this bitch goin’ with a Randy Orton OUTTA NOWHERE.

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Please act accordingly

Derrick Henry

If you have a problem with this fit, I suggest you take it up with yourself and only yourself.

Rodger Saffold??

Sure, Rodger Saffold. There’s not a chance I knew who Titans lineman Rodger Saffold was until now. If we’re being honest — and we’re usually not — it’s actually a pretty badass look.

Russell Wilson

Great fit! Said no one earth. Seriously, who is doing this?

Todd Gurley

OK, this is actually pretty badass. That jacket gives a thromping pulse during a very much needed time.

Carlos Dunlap

Cool holster purse, Carlos. Come on, man, really?

Jamal Adams

Mess. A mess.

Aaron Jones

Can you not digest this greatness? Because if you can’t, you suck.

Brennan Scarlett

It’s officially the week of “who the hell is that guy,” the latest of which being Brennan Scarlett in the baggiest, most offensive fit these eyes have ever seen.

DaeSean Hamilton!?!

BAW GAWD! Never expected to talk about — checks notes — DaeSean Hamilton. Outrageous. How this dude and Robby Anderson aren’t deceased after crossing the middle is a miracle. Happy for them.

Charles Omenihu?!?

Still have no clue on earth as to Charles Omenihu is, but he has arrived.