NFL Fashion Review Week 6: Aaron Rodgers Is Broken, Kirk Cousins Has Given Up, And An Excellent Andre The Giant Tribute

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It really wouldn’t be an official NFL Sunday if it weren’t for some strange news being dropped a few hours before kickoff. This time, for Week 6, it should come as no shock that we can thank the steady and stable Jaguars for the infinite weirdness. A kicker who has never actually kicked a field goal at any point in his life, including Pop Warner?

Let’s pick him up!

MISSING IN ACTION: The Seahawks, Chargers, Saints and Raiders all had a BYE this week, which tragically meant no Russell Wilson and his highly unpredictable ways. To this very day, I’m still processing this photo.

It also meant no Drew Brees, who has not changed a single thing, like, ever. The photo below is from six, yes SIX, years ago and the lone difference is he had a little more hair in 2014. Exciting!

Also missing, technically at least, was Emmanuel Sanders but he still dropped some heat because the fashion assassin just can’t stop stomping the competition.

Anyway, you should know the drill by now: Whether it’s fire, fierce, funny or FAIL, let’s hop in this clown car with the maniacal enthusiasm of lovable legend, Mike Tyson.

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Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins wearing that sweatshirt you wore to gym class and a Fruit of the Loom t-shirt peeking out from underneath is about as surprising as learning Tom Brady enjoys manicures more than your mom.

Travis Kelce

The Kramer vibes here are off the charts. Even Chiefs second-year receiver, Gehrig Dieter, couldn’t get down with this look. His comment of “My grandpa wants his pants back” had to sting. If the young guns don’t even find it cool, you’ve lost across the board.

Josh Allen

Josh Allen putting up a “W” in this space is an extreme rarity, yet here we are. Love the hoodie and it’s not only decently priced — just $36 — it goes towards a good cause too.

Daniel Jones

This is the best we could do for Daniel Jones this week but the thumbnail alone is probably enough. You have the leaves turning in the background with Dannyboy wearing a navy half-zip pullover and a checkered button-down underneath. In his mind, he’s already at the Thanksgiving dinner table politely asking mom if it’s OK to have some more mashed potatoes.

Aaron Jones

This is one of the better looks we’ve ever gotten of Aaron Jones’ storied sombrero. The level of detail is off the charts and you’re lying to yourself if you say you wouldn’t wear that thing EVERYWHERE if it arrived on your doorstep this morning.

Cam Newton

If Cam Newton could put things together on the field the way he does off the field, he would have five Super Bowl rings by now. Additionally, that “make your move” stare from his postgame presser below feels like Cam took a time machine back to the Old West for a tense showdown with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday.

Tom Brady

Cool shirt, Tom. So when was the first day of kindergarten? Glad to see you brought you thermos but where are the Lunchables? Please advise.

Andy Dalton

The Red Rifle looking as smooth as ever and ready to officially take the helm and lead the Cowboys to glory with laser-like focus. Sadly, only the first part ended up being true. Final Hair Score: 16/10.

Billy Turner!!!

Billy Turner tagging his location as “OUTER SPACE” tells you everything you need to know about where he’s at. Now do yourself a favor and scroll right for a few close-up shots, particularly because you’ll get a good look at his hair popping directly through the top of his hat. Absolutely awesome.

Aaron Rodgers

If the Packers-Bucs game were played in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers and his watery, bloodshot eyes would make much more sense because it’s colder there and playing in some wind could easily cause such a thing. Alas, the game was in Tampa so I’m convinced Aaron cries in the shower after each loss. And that’s fine. But man, it looks like he’s being sentenced to death here.

Patrick Peterson

At first, I was distracted by those Jordan IVs — which I don’t think I’ve seen before — but then I realized Patrick Peterson was wearing a “That Boy Good” shirt. What a great shoutout to the timeless classic, Coming To America. I’m gonna need that shirt like YESTERDAY. Let the search begin. UPDATE: Victory! It can be had right here.

Mecole Hardman

Given the news lately, not exactly an ideal time for a 50 Cent tribute outfit. But Mecole Hardman nailed the look, he just needs to add about 30 pounds of muscle to properly channel Mr. Curtis Jackson.

Larry Fitzgerald

Fitz! Fits! It’s definitely official now: DeAndre Hopkins is having a profound influence on the veteran wide receiver’s sudden fire. All those 3-piece suits are now collecting dust in the closet. ‘Tis about time.

Lamar Jackson

Strongly believe Lamar Jackson adds a new chain following each Ravens victory because that chest is quickly becoming Penn Station during rush hour.

Andrew Whitworth

Rams enormous all-world lineman, Andrew Whitworth — who is 6’7 and weighs 340 pounds — is the ideal human to be walking around in a Roots of Fight Andre the Giant hoodie.

Patrick Mahomes

Still waiting for the return of those giant Oakley Blades — like the ones Aaron Jones is wearing. Also waiting for these dramatic slomo videos to stop. This isn’t the intro to an emotional 30 For 30, it’s a five-second clip of a guy walking into a stadium.

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson strolled into Nissan Stadium dressed to the nines with a “we’re not fucking around this week” feel, but they’re the Texans and they fucked around again by going for an unnecessary 2-point conversion that led to overtime and, of course, a loss. They’re now 1-5 and everyone in Houston is shitting themselves.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Come for Jimmy GQ’s stylish jacket, stay for George Kittle’s multiple spastic “Wooos” off-camera. Winning literally changes everything in an instant. What a difference a week makes.

Matthew Stafford

Even when following a victory, this is exactly what one would expect 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions to look like.

Gardner Minshew

You’ll never guess who’s wearing the short-shorts at the bottom right. Honestly, the only surprise here is they’re not made of denim. Even so, make sure your girlfriend does NOT see this because there’s no offseason for #ThighSZN when it comes to ruthless gigolo, Gardner Minshew.

Orlando Brown Jr.

Orlando Brown Jr. showing out with what looks like a green Orioles Starter jacket? Did anyone even know the O’s ever had green jackets? I sure as shit didn’t. According to Pinterest — yes, PINTEREST — it’s a rare vintage item from 1989 and I must say, it’s the best Orioles-related anything I’ve seen in well over a decade.

A Bunch Of Washington Football Guys

A pack of Skittles in human form. Excellent.

Shaquil Barrett

Shaquil Barrett rocking a Derrick Brooks No. 55 throwback? Fuck yeah.

Matt Ryan

The Atlanta Falcons have a specific “Falcons Fits” IG page that was created, presumably, to feature Falcons Fits. This week they added a whopping three new photos, none of which included Matt Ryan. So they’re being placed in the penalty box and the person paying the price will be Matty Ice, seen above in a terribly awkward photo from 2015.

Jamaal Williams

No one is having more fun than Jamaal Williams. By all accounts, the guy is an absolute joy to be around and his custom “Green Bay” Jordan VIIs are spectacular.

Landon Collins

Not even gonna comment on the pants because the jacket Landon Collins is wearing is a gift from the gods.

Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow has been putting on the good face and fighting his ass off every week, keeping the Bengals competitive. On Sunday, Cincy was up 21-0 early on against the Colts but things fell apart — as one might expect — and all we were left with was this postgame mugshot of Joey. Lighting a candle for him as we speak.

Phillip Lindsay

Phillip Lindsay doesn’t have to do too much to exude an exceptional straight-outta-the-70s pimp vibe. It’s a gift. Now right here is where Spike Lee’s “It’s gotta be the shoes” line comes in handy.

Baker Mayfield

When you get pancaked 38-7 by the Steelers in your team’s supposed “Super Bowl” and you play a significant role in the supreme ass-kicking received — 119 yards and 2 INTS!?! — this is the treatment you get. Sorry, I don’t make the rules but I MUST follow them.

Hollywood Brown

A chain that says HOLLYWOOD and a hoodie that says HOLLYWOOD along with his other nickname and his own likeness. Hollywood Brown sure as hell loves himself some Hollywood Brown.

Brandon McManus (A Kicker!)

Broncos kicker Brandon McManus with the classic “well behaved at the wedding ceremony” to the “gettin’ loose and runnin’ wild at the reception” transition. A timeless act of rebellion that every dude on the planet has experienced at least once. Now get some rest, Brandon.

Rodger Saffold

If you didn’t expect to see Ram-Man sans armor and instead dressed up in Louis Vuitton for a big night out on the town, you were wrong.

Davante Adams

Devante Adams is here solely for those Jordan IV Off-White Sails and nothing else. On a related note, if you happen to have a couple grand to flush away they can be on your feet too.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling

So did every Packers wide receiver get a pair of Jordan IV Off-White Sails? This is bullshit. The guy doesn’t even have a 100-yard game on the season and has one measly touchdown. And he’s rockin’ the extremely limited Chunky Dunkys too! Madness. Fucking madness.

Aaron Donald

Is it possible Aaron Donald showed up to the stadium, for a road game no less, IN uniform? If any player were to do this, the genetic freak known as Aaron Donald would be at the very top of the list and wouldn’t faze a single soul. UPDATE: OK, he didn’t. But he should.

Robby Anderson

Robby Anderson is a professional football player who plays wide receiver and one who, at 6’3, looks like he weighs about 84 pounds. How this man hasn’t broken clean in half is a complete mystery.

Harrison Butker

Is Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker more jacked than Robby Anderson? Many people are saying he is. Very sad!

David Johnson

The mix of cream and burgundy is a bigger showstopper than Shawn Michaels.

Bobby Okereke

Colts linebacker Bobby Okereke wore a Rick and Morty hoodie and was even kind enough to settle the discussion on where fans can procure the expressive piece of attire. This never happens.

Preston Smith

Preston Smith out there serving as a walking billboard for Fendi. Whatever works.

Cooper Kupp

If you don’t already own a jacket like Cooper Kupp’s, you’re doing it wrong.

Marlon Humphrey

Every time I see Marlon Humphrey I picture him in a scene from Harlem Nights. Dude’s on another level.

Jarvis Landry

Jarvis Landry has purple hair again and frankly, that’s all that matters. Now is it possible he’s been sporting purple hair all season and I just didn’t know because he simply can’t stop wearing that “Can’t Believe You Doubted Me” hat? Sure. But believe me, there was never any doubt: Steelers 38, Browns 7.

Mark Andrews, Nick Boyle & The Banana Phone

Banana phone? Banana phone. The NFL needs more nonsense like this. Spread the word.

Chris Jones

I commend Chris Jones for having the self-control — and self-awareness — to just wear black pants instead of wearing Louis Vuitton pants that match his jacket.

Kaleb McGary

Admirable Falcons offensive lineman Kaleb McGary was kind enough to take over CMT Network hosting duties from Vance McDonald, who was off filming yet another heater of a commercial for Chevy. What’s even more impressive is that Kaleb reportedly wore that cowboy hat over his helmet for the entire game and no one said a god damn thing.

Laken Tomlinson

Niners offensive lineman Laken Tomlinson, who wears No. 75, felt the need to wear a custom No. 75 pinstriped Bulls jersey. Going with 72 as a nod to the team’s historic 1996 season would’ve been much cooler.

Jeffery Simmons

Titans defensive end Jeffery Simmons paying homage to his old high school football team in Noxubee County, Mississippi was straight-up awesome.

Kenny Moore II

It’s as if Kenny Moore II borrowed fashion icon and part-time NFL player Tyrod Taylor as his personal style consultant for the week. A+ execution.

Kyle Allen

Fittingly terrible! Thanks for playing, Kyle.

Jayon Brown

Dodgers in seven? Nailed it. But that “LA” hand sign is backwards. You’re facing a camera, dude. Then again, no one’s doing “LA” the right way these days, although I kinda like this look so you’re off the hook, Cornelius Lucas.

Cullen Gillaspia

Once I stop laughing I’ll eventually offer up an official “NAH” for this choice in attire. Ya’ just hate to see it. Very neat man-bun though, Cullen.

Nick Foles

Please say hello to Chicago Bears substitute teacher, Nick Foles.

Bradley Chubb

First things first: It’s pretty amazing there are two “CHUBBS” in the NFL (Bradley & Nick) and no one really ever says a thing about it. What are the chances? Anyway, Bradley CHUBB’s suit here captures that fall feeling quite nicely. As GentsPlaybook aptly put it, it’s “the epitome of Fall suiting for October.” Boom.

Kendrick Bourne

As you can see from the hat, even Niners wideout Kendrick Bourne has his own line of clothing now. Think about that for a second and then begin designing a hat with your own initials this afternoon.

Jacoby Brissett

Still putting out the full effort despite holding a clipboard and having a front-row seat for the weekly Philip Rivers fourth quarter meltdown. Love this guy.

Drew Lock

Drew Lock is just a younger version of Drew Brees. In the fashion sense, that is. Less than ideal!

Justin Simmons

I’m wearing this suit to Christmas dinner and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

Nick Vannett

When it comes to tight ends, kinda feel like it’s either the unhinged caveman route that we get from George Kittle and GRONK or what we have here with Broncos TE Nick Vannett, who came straight from the hair salon after picking up his capri pants from the tailor.

Anthony Walker Jr.

Notice the sneakers match the pants and shirt? Anthony Walker Jr. wins this week’s “less is more” award.

Pierre Desir

BREAKING: Something positive for the Jets! But yeah, it’s pretty sad that Pierre Desir’s powder blue suit is the one singular nice thing we can say about that franchise right now.

Adrian Amos

Adrian Amos in Adrian Amos-branded attire from head almost to the toe if not for those red Jordan 11s. Officially convinced that every player in the NFL has their own clothing line.

Brennan Scarlett

A Mighty Ducks hat? FUCK and YES.

Gus Edwards

Gus Edwards almost had it here. So, so close. That hoodie should say “CREED” not “GREED.” So I close my eyes, begin to pray…

Kendall Sheffield

The dueling flamingos on Kendell Sheffield’s tie are the tits.

Philip Rivers

Beyond terrifying. The Colts winning a game creates a Philip Rivers that the world is just not quite ready to experience.

Adam Thielen’s Van Halen Cleats

These were just wonderful. #RIPEdddieVanHalen

Jarvis Landry’s Mac Miller Tribute

Another thoughtful tribute, this time by Jarvis Landry for Pittsburgh native Mac Miller.

Von Miller

A Von Miller sighting! Great to see Teflon Von is back with the team while he recovers from a season-ending injury.

Frank Reich!

Frank Reich opted to go with a scarf for a football game taking place inside a dome. An arrogant, fashionable and unreasonable move. I LOVE IT ALL.

Bill Belichick

Even while wearing a huge neck gaiter it’s crystal clear that Bill Belichick is royally pissed off with no end in sight. The gift that keeps on giving.