NFL Fashion Review Week 12: Tom Brady’s Struggle Face Is Peaking And Travis Kelce Dressed Up As An Abstract Painting

Week 12 had all sorts of things happening as we headed into the Thanksgiving holiday, most significantly of which was the Steelers-Ravens game, one that continues to bounce around like a ping pong ball and will likely be played some time in July after the MLB All-Star game. But can we first address Kliff Kingsbury’s nearly forgotten playing days with the Patriots?

How is it that this man is currently 41-years-old and coaching the Cardinals but also served as a backup QB for New England in 1978, the year before he was born? It’s quite the puzzle that no one’s even dared tried to solve. Kliff is seriously looking like an extra from Dazed and Confused who attended the beer blast in his older brother’s prized Camaro. Just an unbelievable photo, and a random one at that. The part down the middle is magnificent.

This is some laugh out loud funny stuff from Sam Darnold. Anyone claiming to be “super confident” in Adam Gase is likely under severe mental duress, high as hell, or being held hostage. I’ll go with all three.

MISSING IN ACTION: There were no BYEs this week! None! Sadly, they do return next weekend for one last encore with two teams sitting out. But then it’s all hands on deck to finish the season!

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So let’s ride that excitement and jump right into this one with the impact of a flood-inducing Newman cannonball. So whether it was fire, fierce, funny or fail, it’s clown car time. Please act accordingly.

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Derrick Henry

A photo like this is best referred to as “Return of the King.” Derrick Henry was even thoughtful enough to go with a strong-to-quite-strong Thanksgiving orange. It’s King Henry’s world, we’re just here to applaud and avoid any and all life-altering stiff-arms.

Travis Kelce

Yes, the headline says Travis Kelce dressed up as an abstract painting but I strangely kinda like this? It’s different and it works and I would love to wear this to a wedding just to be a prick, but that doesn’t change the fact that he looks like he should be tacked to a wall at an art gallery.

Tom Brady

The Bucs have lost three of their last four games, can you tell? And that makes two straight weeks of Tom Brady peering up with that “Undertaker has been wronged and seeks revenge” eyes. Not great! To be fair, all three losses were to very good teams, two of which they could face in the playoffs and the other one being the team the Bucs will be watching in the Super Bowl. Sidenote: This new “oh great, what did you do nooow?” Disappointed Dad version of TB12 is delightful.

Cam Newton

Newly crowned king of the modern Western, Cam Newton, making a play for Quentin Tarantino’s next ironic film was hardly a surprise, however, opting to carry what amounts to a plain vanilla laptop bag was an absolute stunner. Look at the smile, though! In Cam’s mind, he’s already at the press junket discussing the movie.

DK Metcalf

Look at this guy. DK Metcalf must be such a joy for 5’9″ cornerbacks to cover for 60 minutes. The fact that he changes the color of his hair just about once a week — this time purple — takes the “freak/superhero/made in a lab” label to the proper level.

Justin Herbert

The Chargers lost to the Bills by a final score of 27-17 but Justin Herbert’s barber continues to run up the score. The infinite sadness on display here is honestly making me sad. At this point, wearing a spinner cap would be considered a significant improvement.

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan is headed to the office and cannot wait to show everyone the new font he’s begun using for his PowerPoint presentations.

Carson Wentz

Find me a better photo of Carson Wentz that better encapsulates a sterling Eagles record of 3-7-1, including 15 interceptions and 10 fumbles by the rumbling, bumbling legend himself. You can’t, so you won’t.

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins seen here with a “well actually” explanation as to why he was still able to snag his new Old Navy button-down at 35% off thanks to a very special EXTENDED BLACK FRIDAY text alert.

Andy Dalton (A Dramatic Before & After)

Before what proved to be an extremely ugly game for the Cowboys, Andy Dalton was looking smooth as hell. After the game? Well, after the game might’ve been the very first time anyone has witnessed Andy Dalton’s hair in a state of disarray and appearing to tumble downward. RELATED: This was my exact expression after having “just one more plate” at Thanksgiving dinner.

Russell Wilson

According to multiple inside sources, Russell Wilson’s secret meeting with Suge Knight at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego went remarkably well.

Ben Roethlisberger

When Big Ben starts getting all sorts of bundled up like Randy from A Christmas Story, you know winter is here. Not sure a record of 11-0 has ever looked more miserable. Congrats!

Jared Goff

Please welcome the newest member to #TeamElectric, Mr. Jared Goff! Christ. This game-changing faction is starting to look more stacked and imposing than the nWo did after adding Scott Norton and Horace Hogan.


Winter Jacket Goals: THIS.

Patrick Mahomes

What can I say, Patrick Mahomes can do no wrong. The dude literally walks the walk like no other. And in all seriousness, he can do no wrong. Look at this video game shit. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Aaron Rodgers

The one exciting question to ask about Aaron Rodgers each week is whether he wore a black hat or a gray hat to go with his bandana neck gaiter. One of the most entertaining quarterbacks in the NFL has devolved into Christie from Seinfeld, the woman Jerry dated who inexplicably wore the same dress every day.

Jamal Adams

Seahawks showman Jamal Adams returned to his stylistic ways after last week’s ill-advised overalls and fluorescent Crocs-Clogs debacle.

Tyreek Hill

Much like the back of his SoulRunner jean jacket, Tyreek Hill’s hair is fucking fire. Unrelated question, but has anyone considered putting an extra defender on Cheetah? Seems like something someone should probably do.

Kyle Rudolph

Even the guys remotely interviewing Kyle Rudolph made a comment about this stellar jacket. Style acknowledgment in… Minnesota? Cue Kevin Garnett screaming ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

The Freakin’ Jets

Why does every…

Jets freeze-frame…

Always convey the saddest, most deflated and clueless feel ever. I think we all probably know the answer to that one but I still find the consistency pretty remarkable.

Ito Smith!

Not a clue in the world as to what Falcons running back Ito Smith is doing and I’m not gonna pretend to try. On second thought, that jacket is dishing out some lowkey greatness but — and this is a bigass but — the shit going on with the pants looks like a last-minute snag in the Halloween aisle at Target.

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Mike Williams!

Mike Williams has finally arrived! Although it kinda feels wrong to see this jacket on anyone but Tyreek Hill. #TeamCheetah

Chris Jones

It appears Chris Jones talked himself into thinking the Pro Bowl not only still takes place in Hawaii, but has also been moved to Week 12. Keep talkin’ that trash though, we love it.

Foster Moreau!

Foster Moreau? Foster Moreau indeed! If you arrive at the stadium wearing a Zion jersey, you’ve already snatched up your own personal victory.

Deshaun Watson

Always enjoyable when the hat or headphones pair up nicely as vibrant bookends with the sneakers. In this case, spiked sneakers. And that makes two in a row for Deshaun and the Texans, who face the Colts next. Perfect opportunity to start shakin’ some shit up in that division.

Kyler Murray

This is the hard evidence we’ve all been waiting on to prove — without question — that there are two Kyler Murrays, the unkempt version being the one I continue to start in fantasy football. Pissed! Now can we please return to the version seen below? Because that’s THE Guy. (Also, tremendous jacket.)

Zeke Elliott

Zeke going with a Cowboys jacket by Apex instead of Starter was the first of many mistakes made on Turkey Day against The Football-Playing Football Team of Washington D.C.

Josh Allen

A little help here, please? No idea what’s on Josh Allen’s shirt but I love it. Huge upgrade for co-captain of #TeamElectric. UPDATE: It’s a crewneck done by Makayla Godden, which was apparently inspired by Pharrell.

DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins took the week off in more than one way. Hopefully, this is just a one-time thing. BRING BACK THE WEIRD, maaaan.

J.J. Watt

Not really a style I can get down with, but a full and very complete effort from J.J. Watt this week. Major bonus points for the “Irish coffee” caption too. Might be the most surprising ‘W’ of the season.

Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey, the latest in a long line of NFL players to don a flawless Frère tracksuit. But honestly, just give me that jacket and keep the pants. Not nearly old enough to be entering Paulie Walnuts territory.

Jamaal Williams

Weird stays weird and Jamaal Williams is thriving at refusing to stray from the weird.

Stefon Diggs

In the IG post right before the one you see above, Stefon Diggs put up a photo with the accompanying caption of “I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible.” And then we get this: Stefon Diggs perched atop the hood of a pristine Rolls Royce wearing leather pants and a Playboy shirt. Just out there tryin’ to keep life as simple as possible, man.

Aaron Donald

The camo splatter would normally be an easy “NOPE.” Not the case here with Aaron Donald.

Anthony Walker Jr.

Anthony Walker Jr. wore a Marshall Faulk throwback jersey and that’s the easiest way to make someone an instant Anthony Walker Jr. fan.

Cam Jordan

Cam Jordan rocked a Pelicans “City Edition” jersey because Cam Jordan is constantly switching the best kind of gears.

Mecole Hardman

Is Mecole Hardman really wearing a “LIV” Super Bowl chain? Jeeeezuz. The Chiefs need to be humbled, preferably by the Iron Shiek.

Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield: “There’s only two things I hate more than missing throws and that’s lying and skim milk, and skim milk’s just water lying about being milk.” OK, that was awesome. There will be no Baker Mayfield slander this week!

Golden Tate

Golden Tate went with the blue and gold-patterned pants and that was no accident, my friends. All together now, please: GO IRISH!

Julian Blackmon

A Mighty Ducks jersey + a Charlie Conway reference = you cannot stop this social media team you can only hope to contain them.

Billy Turner!

Planet: Unknown. Population: Billy Turner.

Austin Ekeler

Austin Ekeler, one of the NFL’s Kings of Confidence, finally returned to the field after several weeks but entered the stadium like he hadn’t missed a god damn second.

A.J. Brown

When you get an “Angry Runs” shirt from a wide receiver who is also holding the Angry Scepter, you know he’s the real deal. Would be wise to just STAY OUT OF A.J. BROWN’S WAY.

Jacoby Brissett

Jacoby Brissett, the Colts starter who was demoted for an erratic maniac, still pulling off the well-thought-out fits. The jacket + the pants to put it all together with the Nike SB Dunks.

Jamison Crowder

If anyone can explain why I actually like this jean jacket with a splash of poofiness, please let me know.

Kendrick Bourne

The Niners’ Kendrick Bourne, dressing like WR1, playing like WR7. Fake it ’til you make it.

This Is Kendall Hinton

The undrafted WIDE RECEIVER named Kendall Hinton, a ROOKIE who came off the practice squad and did not get any reps with the team this week, played quarterback for the Broncos on Sunday. No jokes here. All respect.

Devon Kennard

This week’s prime example of “Less Is More.” Not doing too much, not doing too little. Right on point.

Brandon McManus

Brandon McManus is theeee most electrifying kicker in the game. And that’s not a joke. It’s also not hard to do. Kickers mostly dress like dads heading to Home Depot.

Younghoe Koo

BAH GAWD! Younghoe Koo just put fellow kicker Brandon McManus and his fits in a chokehold. Official Hair Slicking Score: 27/10.

Colt McCoy!

No fireworks from Postgame Daniel Jones this week due to leaving early with an injury, although we did get Colt McCoy, the unkillable backup who 1000% must give Dannyboy some helpful style hints while simultaneously taking a blowtorch to the starting QB’s closet.

Sean Lee

This has to be Sean Lee hailing a cab and heading to mom’s house for dinner after the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving game. His jacket has that warm, homely feel where all the aunts sitting at the table take turns telling him how much they like it.

Chase Young

Chase Young went with a “straight to the damn club” look even though all the clubs are closed. Appreciate the spirit.

Justin Reid

Justin Reid, another one also yearning for the club. Something tells me he ended up finding the highly necessary fun.

Frank Clark

Last week it was the white socks, this week it’s the clown shoes. Come on, FRANK! Wake up!

Isaiah Simmons

Rookie Isaiah Simmons is on par with CeeDee Lamb in the sense that he’s stylin’ and profilin’ like he’s been doin’ this thing longer than Ric Flair has.

Jacob Martin

Jacob Martin this week (above) versus Jacob Martin last week (below). The man is a fabulous chameleon.

Morgan Moses

This is actually Rick Ross and no one is going to convince me otherwise.

Jahlani Tavai

Another week, another great Detroit Lions jacket by Starter. ‘Tis a beauty.

Danny Shelton

And anothuh’ one.

Amani Oruwariye

A throwback Devil Rays hat, some awesome Stranger Things apparel, and a pair of majestic Nike SB Dunks. Well-rounded, A+ execution.

Tramon Williams

A leather version of the traditional jean jacket look will always and forever provide a statement-making moment.

Jessie Bates III

I love this jacket, I believe in this jacket, this is a greeeeat fuckin’ jacket. And yes, it’s the only possible nice thing to say about the Cincinnati Bengals. Which, to be honest, should be considered a moral victory for this dipshit franchise. Now get outta my way.

Dez Bryant

Dez back! All I see though is that watch. God damn that’s a beaut’!

Larry Ogunjobi

Big Fella with the Big Fit. More #BigManTailoring that continues to somehow outdo the little dudes.

KeeSean Johnson

KeeSean Johnson is an NFL WR who claims he was not named after retired NFL WR Keyshawn Johnson. I’m calling complete and total bullshit. But I like his shoes.

N’Keal Harry

Making it to the NFL is an incredible accomplishment that should be applauded no matter how long you hang in the league. HOWEVER, I do not believe N’Keal Harry’s play on the field warrants a No. 15 chain that weighs 137 pounds.

Andrew Van Ginkel?

Sure. Andrew Van Ginkel! The Miami photos always hit different.

Emmanuel Ogbah?

Sure. Emmanuel Ogbah! Those shades are lethal. And holy shit so is this jacket. Dude was in a special kind of zone this weekend.

Two Random Texans

STADIUM ENTRANCE PHOTO OF THE YEAR. Truly some exhilarating shit, guys.

Bill Belichick

I love this man. The arrogant disposition is just phenomenal. Never thought Neck Gaiter Bill would be so accidentally enjoyable.