One NFL Team’s GM Reportedly Spent ‘Extensive Time’ With Anthony Richardson’s Agent Yesterday

Anthony Richardson at NFL Combine

Getty Image / Stacy Revere

Yesterday was a big day for Anthony Richardson.

He was the last of the top 4 quarterbacks in this year’s NFL Draft class to get the chance to show off at his Pro Day.

He seems to have made the most of that opportunity.

Yesterday it was reported that the Las Vegas Raiders, who hold the 7th pick in this year’s draft, were impressed by him after their GM and assistant GM met with the quarterback.

Now it is being reported that he is getting some interest from another team with a top 10 pick after his Pro Day.

According to Seattle Seahawks reporter Corbin K Smith, Seahawks GM John Schneider spent extensive time with Richardson’s agent yesterday.

It looks like there’s some competition brewing for Anthony Richardson now.

Unfortunately for both the Seahawks and the Raiders, there is still one big thing standing in the way of them landing Anthony Richardson.

The Indianapolis Colts still own pick 4 and it isn’t really clear yet what exactly they plan to do with it.

That leaves them to try and move to 3 in a deal with the Cardinals, but the price for that might not be particularly appealing to a team like the Seahawks who have a quarterback that just led them to the playoffs under contract for a few years.

If the Seahawks do decide to make the move up to land Richardson, they offer a similar situation to the Raiders.

With Geno Smith under contract for the next 3 seasons, the Seahawks would have no need to rush Richardson along and force him into the starting job. He could spend the next couple of seasons developing before having to take over as the starter.

It also certainly wouldn’t hurt that he’d start his career throwing to DK Metcalf.

It looks like Richardson has caught the eye of a couple of teams that would give him a good chance to succeed as an NFL quarterback.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see if anybody can pry the 3rd pick away from the Cardinals to land the former Florida Gator.