All 32 NFL Team Helmets Were Given A More Modern Redesign And The Results Are Awesome

Tired of looking at your favorite NFL team wearing the same helmet and uniform since god-knows-when? Wondering why is it that college teams are more willing to experiment with concepts on a regular basis and the NFL isn’t? The answer to that is likely related to MONEY and other biz-nass shit, but would it kill them to have a few alternate uniform games, per team, each year? And I’m not talking about the ancient throwbacks, either. Some of those are outrageously ugly. Take the poor Steelers for instance. Once a year, they’re forced to play a game looking like the Pittsburgh Bumblebees of the Western Pennsylvania Prison League for Christ’s sake.

There has to be a better way for the NFL to change it up every so often. That’s what Millennials want to see and, last I checked, everyone wants to make Millennials happy. They’ve had it hard enough, it’s time someone handed them something like this.

Enter Deeyung Entertainment. They redesigned the helmets of every NFL team with at least one new variation. The 32 below are the designs that the graphic designer said he was completely satisfied with. I think Miami Dolphins fans will wholehearted disagree, because YIKES.