NFL Insider Speculates Saudi Arabia Could Potentially Acquire An NFL Team

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In a recent post for Sports Illustrated, reporter Albert Breer has sparked speculation that Saudi Arabia could potentially acquire an NFL team in the future.

Breer, a renowned sports reporter, was asked by a fan about the possibility of the Saudis starting their own football league. While he dismissed the idea of an entire league, he said he talked to a couple “team president types” and that it would not be far-fetched to consider the Saudis bidding on and purchasing an existing NFL team.

Breer indicated that the Saudi Arabian nation’s public investment fund, which already owns the LIV Golf tour (recently merged with the PGA Tour) and Newcastle United of the English Premier League, has been investing substantial funds into sports.

He emphasized that buying an NFL team would not only be a sound business move but also offer the Saudis a significant display of power and prestige. Owning a prominent professional sports team in the United States would undoubtedly be a major flex for them.

Breer acknowledged that, at present, it would be challenging for the NFL owners to approve such a purchase.

However he did point out that the Washington Commanders were recently sold for $6.05 billion. The Seattle Seahawks, a well-established NFL franchise, are expected to sell for an even higher price in the future. As the value of NFL teams continues to rise, the number of capable buyers diminishes.

Breer speculated that the NFL could eventually reach a point where there are no longer enough buyers willing and able to meet the increasingly exorbitant price tags. This situation would force the league to revise its rules and potentially welcome unconventional parties into ownership.

The Saudis, with their vast resources, could then seize the opportunity to enter the bidding and acquire an NFL team.

While this scenario seems plausible in the long term, it remains uncertain when such a purchase might occur. The NFL, as a private organization, holds the authority to determine its ownership requirements and vet potential buyers.

Nonetheless, Breer’s insights have sparked discussions about the potential involvement of international entities, such as the Saudi government, in the future landscape of American football.