NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport Gets Crushed By Twitter After Antonio Brown-Buffalo Bills Trade Report Turned Out To Be Completely Wrong

Ian Raport Gets Crushed For Getting Antonio Brown-Bills Trade Wrong

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NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is going to have a very long day.

Late last night, Rapoport caused a stir when he reported that the Buffalo Bills were close to finalizing a trade with the PittsburgH Steelers for superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Rapoport went on to double down on his report a few hours later.

Unfortunately for Rapoport it appears that the Bills-Antonio Brown trade rumors were way off as ESPN’s Adam Schefter and others reported that the deal “was dead on Wednesday”.

Rapoport went on to claim that the deal had “fallen a part” after intense negotiations.

Ian’s latest report is also being disputed.

The Internet hammered Rapoport on Twitter for being wrong.