Wild Video Shows Former NFL RB Alex Collins Getting Busted With Huge Jar Of Weed And Trying To Make His Friend Take The Fall

At the 2014 NFL rookie symposium, hall of fame wide receiver Cris Carter famously instructed NFL rookies to get themselves “a fall guy” who would be ready to accept blame should they encounter legal trouble. The only problem with that advice is that not everyone who’s friends with an NFL player wants to take the fall for their poor actions.

Back in March Former Baltimore Ravens running back Alex Collins crashed his Corvette into a ditch near the team’s practice facility. While searching the car cops discovered a huge jar of weed and a handgun

When police first asked Collins if he had weed in the car, the former NFL running back tried to throw his friend under the bus.

Via TMZ Sports

The running back claims he doesn’t know … saying it belonged to his buddy, Tykheem “TJ” Dunaway, who was a passenger in the car earlier but had walked home instead of sticking around.

TJ eventually showed back up to the scene … and after the cop discovered the jug of weed and a firearm in the car — he put Collins in cuffs and questioned TJ.

TJ Wasn’t having and immediately snitched on Collins claiming it was his weed but was also arrested.

J told the cop the weed definitely belonged to Collins … saying, “It’s his. I didn’t know it was in the car until it crashed because we were coming from a party.”

Eventually, both dudes were arrested for possession of the weed … while Collins was also booked for having a handgun in his vehicle.

TMZ obtained video of the arrest and it’s pretty wild.

Collins eventually copped a plea deal months after the arrest and received probation and a fine.

Unfortunately for Collins he’s been out of league after the Ravens cut him over the arrest last year and he’s still looking for work in the NFL.

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