NFL Rookies Guess Their Madden ’16 Ratings, May Be Overcompensating For Something

Being a dude, it seems like we often go just a little bit higher than we probably should when someone asks us to rate something.

For instance, when buying condoms, one might go with the bigger ones as a pride thing, only to have the wiener slip and sliding around, and leaving the bro in fear of it actually falling off.

Oh, and the girl who you just banged? Yeah, she might have actually been about a 7.5, but you’ll tell your buddies she was at least an eight when telling the story about how shit went down.

It seems that a few NFL rookies followed this same tactic, as EA Sports asked some of the top first-year players what they thought their rating would be in the upcoming video game, Madden ’16.

Naturally, no one is really going to say that they’re a 77 overall, with guys throwing out numbers that are seriously eye-popping.

I mean, I won’t bash a dude for being confident, but, really, how in the fuck does Atlanta Falcons running back—and 73rd overall pick—Tevin Coleman land on the number 92 as his guess? Dude, that’s higher than some of the most elite running backs in the game, let alone a rookie, third-rounder.

The rest of the draft class ranges from pretty close to way off, so watch as these kids discover that life of an NFL rookie—whether realistically or virtually—isn’t as easy as they might all think.

For a full list of the top rooks in the game, check them out here—and get ready to make them the face of your franchise for the next decade once you scoop the game.

[H/T BleacherReport]

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