NFL Scouts Weigh-In On Jalen Carter’s Draft Stock Amid Recent Red Flags

NFL Draft prospect Jalen Carter

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

It’s been a troubling offseason for Jalen Carter as red flags have surrounded the NFL Draft prospect.

Many believe he’s a top-three talent, but due to recent concerns, it’s unclear what’s in store for the former Georgia Bulldog.

Now, some NFL scouts weigh in on one of the league’s top prospects.

According to NFL Rookie Watch, scouts “believe that Jalen Carter is still ‘undoubtedly’ a Top-10 pick in the NFL Draft despite everything that has gone on.”

The league is surely keeping a close on Carter right now, as he’s one of the more prolific prospects in this draft class.

Even so, his legal issues are a bit concerning, albeit, his lawyer claims all of the charges have been resolved.

Furthermore, there was also the incident where Carter showed up nine pounds heavier on his pro day, just two weeks after the combine. On top of that, he hasn’t participated in any athletic testing this offseason.

Despite these concerns though, NFL scouts seem confident he’ll still be a top selection in the upcoming draft.

His pure talent is hard to ignore, as he proved to be a bright spot on a loaded Georgia defense.

It’ll be interesting to see where Jalen Carter lands, as he is believed to be a difference-maker on the defensive end. Let’s just hope these red flags are just temporary and don’t carry over into his career in the NFL.