NFL Sideline Reporter’s Outfit Went Viral On Sunday

Jane Slater on the sidelines

Getty Image

NFL Network reporter Jane Slater went viral with her outfit on Sunday.

Before the Commanders-Cowboys game, Slater posted her outfit and joked that she was wearing a football-themed outfit.

Layers upon layers but no snow or rain yet 🙏🏻 fit inspo? A football clearly

It didn’t take long for Slater to get roasted on Twitter.

“must of lost her fantasy football league… this is her punishment!!!” one fan joked.

“I’d like to nominate Jane Slater for football guy of the week for dressing like a football,” one fan added.

“Must lace up in the back then? Nfl football maybe. But the face and the shoes could be the white stripes of a college ball. Either way I respect the monochromatic “brown” look. Been rockin it myself for 34 years,”

Slater took the jokes about her outfit in stride.

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