NFL Star Reveals DeAndre Hopkins Told Him Where He Wants To Play Next Season

NFL receiver DeAndre Hopkins

Getty Image / Norm Hall

The NFL’s wide receiver market appears to officially be down to just one big name after Odell Beckham Jr signed with the Baltimore Ravens last week.

DeAndre Hopkins and the Arizona Cardinals still find themselves looking for a trade partner who is interested in landing a former All-Pro receiver.

There have been a few teams that are seen as options for a deal.

The Baltimore Ravens have been linked to a potential move for Hopkins even after signing Odell Beckham.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills have also both been seen as strong candidates and Hopkins even not so subtly showed interest in both of these teams recently.

Now it turns out that one of those teams could have a leg up in attracting Hopkins.

Von Miller told The Buffalo News the Hopkins has too him he wants to join the Bills.

Miller said, “I talk to Hop all the time and it’s kind of like the same thing with OBJ. You just never know until you know. Hop said he wanted to be a Buffalo Bill and you never know until you get that DeAndre Hopkins signature on a contract. I’m not sure what the circumstances are or what’s going on with that but I would love to see DeAndre Hopkins be here and I would love to have his skill set on our offense with Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs and Dawson Knox and Gabe Davis.”

The Bills wouldn’t be the first team you’d expect to be interested in Hopkins. They already have Stefan Diggs as their top receiver and have a solid 2nd option in Gabriel Davis, but if they were to make a move happen, their passing game would get pretty scary.

They’d have one of the league’s best QBs throwing to a pair of receivers with multiple All-Pro nominations.

Hopkins is the 2nd big name Miller has seemingly tried to recruit over the last year.

It didn’t work out with Odell Beckham Jr, but maybe Von Miller can help bring DeAndre Hopkins to the Bills.