YouTube TV Announces ‘NFL Sunday Ticket’ Pricing, Football Fans Lose Their Minds

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Getty Image / Cooper Neill

Football fans rejoiced after the NFL Sunday Ticket was removed from DirecTV.

It’s now a new package you can buy on YouTube TV. The pricing has finally been announced and football fans are losing their minds over it.

According to Ari Meirov, NFL fans can opt to sign up for the Sunday Ticket with or without a subscription to YouTube TV. However, there is quite a bit of a price difference between those options.

Additionally, it sounds like the package will be much cheaper for people who opt to sign up before June 6.

The pricing isn’t really all that bad. If you want the RedZone package and get it early, that $289 on the season translates to just over $24 a month for the whole year (plus whatever YouTube TV subscriptions cost).

It’s not too far off from what DirecTV was charging for the NFL Sunday Ticket.

With that said, NFL fans are losing their minds over the pricing.

I too would like the answer to this question.

Some NFL fans don’t mind the pricing.

This guy isn’t too happy about it.

We’re sure YouTube TV will make more announcements soon. NFL fans are going to want as many details as they can get about the Sunday Ticket.