Several Team Execs Have Told Colin Kaepernick They Will Not Be Attending Workout, Are Confused By The ‘Purpose Of The NFL Scheduling The Workout’

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It seems like teams are just as confused everyone else as to why the NFL is scheduling an impromptu workout for Colin Kaepernick on Saturday.

On Tuesday ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the NFL had organized a workout with all 32 teams to showcase controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Today, Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson broke down the details of how the NFL informed Kaepernick about the workout and only gave him two hours to accept it.

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Two years, eight months and eight days into one of the most uncomfortable free agency purgatories in the history of the NFL, this is how the league arranged a surprise “private workout” offer for Colin Kaepernick:

First, a representative from the league called a select group of reporters last week and suggested they should be available on the following Tuesday for a worthwhile news development. The NFL wouldn’t say what it would be. Just that the reporters should be ready to share some breaking news. When the day arrived, the NFL called Kaepernick’s representatives for the first time in more than a year, instructing them that the league was willing to hold a private pro-day style workout for Kaepernick in Atlanta in four days. If he accepted, a memo would be sent to every NFL team inviting them to attend.

The league wouldn’t answer why it was suddenly making the offer. It wouldn’t say who came up with the idea. It wouldn’t say who would attend. And it wouldn’t say why the workout was roughly 96 hours away and on a Saturday when most NFL teams were preparing for a game.

But the NFL would say this: After nearly three years of waiting for this offer, Kaepernick had two hours to accept it.

While several teams have already announced that they would be attending the showcase, several others have reached out to Kaepernick to tell him they would not be attending because they were confused by the purpose of the workout.

There has been skepticism by at least one team official who believes the entire workout is a sham constructed by the NFL for PR purposes.

Update: The NFL has declined to provide Kaepernick with a list of teams/executives who are attended the workout.

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