An NFL Team Reportedly Tried To Bring 1 QB Out Of Retirement

NFL logo at Super Bowl

Getty Image / Maximilian Haupt

This offseason, there has been a surprising amount of talk about retired quarterbacks potentially returning to the NFL.

I don’t know how long it will take for anybody to believe that Tom Brady is actually staying retired after the way things played out last offseason.

Philip Rivers has reportedly been considering a return to the NFL after spending the last two years in retirement.

Now it appears that there is one more retired quarterback that has drawn some interest this offseason.

According to NFL insider Adam Schefter, one team checked in with Chad Henne this week after he had retired last month following his Super Bowl win with the Kansas City Chiefs.

It has been a very long time since Chad Henne has been a regular starter in the NFL. He has only started 1 game over the last 7 seasons and hasn’t started more than 3 games in a year since 2013.

He had a chance to be a hero during the 2022 postseason, though. When Patrick Mahomes injured his ankle against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Henne was called into action with the Chiefs leading by 3. He led the team on a touchdown drive, throwing a TD to Travis Kelce to extend the lead to 10.

Mahomes would come back after the half, but Henne keeping the team rolling while he was out was big for the team.

Schefter didn’t name the team that had reached out to Henne, but the Chiefs are an obvious choice as they have yet to replace him. There are also plenty of other teams that would have been interested in him to be their backup whether it was to be an insurance plan or to be a mentor to a young QB.

Whatever the reason is, it appears Henne will be sticking with his decision to retire.