NFL Tells Seahawks WR DK Metcalf To Do A Drug Test For Performance-Enhancing Substance

DK Metcalf

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

DK Metcalf was asked to get tested by the NFL for performance-enhancing substances after going viral over the weekend. His appearances at the NBA Celebrity All-Star game and in a viral high-catch video may have triggered it.

Metcalf will need to comply with the request, then the results of the drug test would determine whether or not he had used any prohibited substances.

If the test comes back negative, then Metcalf would be cleared of any allegations of drug use, and the matter would be closed. However, if the test comes back positive for a banned substance, then Metcalf could face disciplinary action, including a suspension, fines, or other penalties under the NFL’s drug policy.

It’s important to note that the NFL has a drug testing policy in place, and players can be selected for “random” drug testing at any time during the season or off-season. If a player is found to have violated the NFL’s drug policy, they can face suspension, fines, and other penalties.

Viral Moment #1 – One Handed Catch

DK Metcalf went mega-viral over the weekend after a video of him catching a football with one hand after leaping high in the air was viewed almost 100 million times.

Fans were in disbelief that this video is real. The caption even jokingly says that the NFL will drug test DK, and it came true.

Viral Moment #2 – NBA Celebrity All-Star

DK played on the NBA Celebrity All-Star game on Saturday and excelled.

Metcalf walked away with the MVP award for the game and put up 20 points, 10 rebounds, four blocks, and multiple dunks.

Do we know those moments had something to do with the NFL deciding to drug test DK, at “random”? we don’t know. But it’s possible.