The Official NFL Wild Card Weekend Drinking Game

It’s a new year and the NFL playoffs are here which means we have only a month of football left before our favorite game goes into hibernation for the next several months.

Before we drown our collective sorrows on February 2nd though, there are 11 more games to be played starting with this weekend’s Wild Card Weekend slate — Arizona at Carolina, Baltimore at Pittsburgh, Cincinnati at Indianapolis, and Detroit at Dallas.

With plenty of beer ready to be consumed as fans across the country watch in anticipation for the next NFL champion to be crowned, we thought it would be a good idea to come up with some drinking rules to make the games all that more exciting.

As always, if you’re watching the games in a house of more than 4 bros, we highly recommend investing in a keg. It will be completely tapped by Sunday night — if not earlier.

Here’s how to play:

One drink for each:

  • Reception of more than 25 yards
  • Rush of more than 10 yards
  • Dropped pass
  • Sack or tackle for loss
  • Time the lead changes (3-0 counts)
  • Budweiser commercial
  • Cardinals first down (there won’t be many with Ryan Lindley playing quarterback)
  • Reference to how bad the NFC South was this year
  • Time a Ravens cornerback is burned by the tremendous Antonio Brown
  • Steve Smith Sr. reception (drink twice if he talks trash after the catch)
  • Mention of Andy Dalton’s 0-3 playoff record
  • Highlight clip of Andrew Luck’s improbable comeback last postseason against Kansas City
  • Comment about Tony Romo’s back injury and “playing through the pain”
  • Reference to how bad the Lions are historically as a franchise


Two drinks for each:

  • Interception
  • 4th down conversion
  • Missed field goal
  • Time three straight completions are thrown
  • Kick or punt return longer than 30 yards
  • Overhead shot of the stadium
  • Time Jon Gruden fawns over Cam Newtown (he’s calling the Panthers game, sadly)
  • Flashback to Ben Roethlisberger or Joe Flacco hoisting up the Lombardi trophy
  • Andrew Luck rush attempt
  • Jerry Jones citing


Three drinks for each:

  • Coach’s challenge flag thrown
  • Skirmish or fight (between teammates on the sideline counts)
  • Touchdown
  • Time a coach is shown hugging a player
  • Reception of 50 yards (yes, a 70-yard TD is six drinks)
  • A player loses a helmet
  • Cam Newton rushing touchdown
  • Ray Rice reference
  • Devon Still reference
  • Time Ndamukong Suh is at the center of any aforementioned skirmishes


Finish your drink if:

  • Someone scores a special teams touchdown
  • There’s a safety
  • If a player makes a one-handed catch
  • It snows and/or rains during any of the four games
  • The Cardinals score a touchdown (trust me, their offense stinks)
  • The Steelers-Ravens game is tied at the end of the quarter
  • Andy Dalton throws a pick six
  • Barry Sanders is shown at the Cowboys-Lions games (highlight or in person)