NHL Will Have To Heat Up The Ice At The 2022 Winter Classic Thanks To Frigid Temperature

NHL Will Have To Heat Ice At 2022 Winter Classic Due To Cold Temps

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  • The NHL will be forced to adopt an unconventional strategy thanks to the cold Minnesota weather at the 2022 NHL Winter Classic
  • The ice on the rink will be heated up because the forecasted temperature is so low
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In 2008, the NHL introduced one of the coolest new traditions in recent memory with the inaugural Winter Classic, an annual contest that pays tribute to the sport’s origins and allows the pros who grew up skating on frozen ponds and lakes to channel their inner kid by playing on an outdoor rink.

Since its inception, the Winter Classic has been played on or around New Year’s Day and been hosted at a number of historic football and baseball stadiums that have typically been located in an area with a winter climate that minimizes the logistical issues that come with playing a hockey game while exposed to the elements.

As a result, fans and players have been forced to endure some pretty frigid temperatures over the years, and it appears that will be the case when the St. Louis Blues and the Minnesota Wild face off at Target Field in Minneapolis on Saturday—where the projected high for the day is -3°F.

NHL 2022 Winter Classic weather temperature


Thankfully, the NHL seems more than equipped to handle the conditions, as it will provide players and spectators with plenty of resources to stay warm.

However, the below-zero weather also presents an unexpected problem for the crew charged with maintaining the rink, as the ideal ice temperature is between 22° and 24°F (anything lower can result in excessive chipping and breakage). This means the league will have to take a fairly unprecedented step by warming up the playing surface with the help of two heaters that are being used for the first time by the team that keeps the sheet in shape.

I, for one, cannot wait to watch this from the comfort of my comfortably heated home.

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