NHL Reporter Stiff Arms Golden Knights Fan To Oblivion On Live TV

Golden Knights fans

Getty Image / Zak Krill

The Las Vegas Golden Knights have taken a 2-0 series lead over the Florida Panthers after securing an impressive win in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

However, the postgame report is stealing the show after a NHL reporter stiff armed a Golden Knights fan to oblivion on live television.

Samantha Rivera, a bilingual sports reporter based in Miami, fended off an over enthusiastic fan as he was attempting to celebrate in her space.

However, Rivera wasn’t having any of it. She pulled off her best Derrick Henry impression and stiff armed the living hell out of this guy.

Watch this NHL reporter send this Golden Knights fan to the shadow realm.

That guy stood no chance. Samantha Rivera didn’t even break a sweat either, as she kept eye contact with the camera the entire time. Just an absolute pro move.

NFL teams should be calling Rivera up asking her for pointers on her stiff arm. That guy wasn’t going anywhere. He got stopped dead in his tracks. But hey, he probably doesn’t care all that much since the Golden Knights won the game.

Clearly, Rivera is over it in Las Vegas and is ready to head back to Miami for Games 3. Hopefully, for her sake, the Panthers can rally back and get a win on Thursday night.

Let’s just hope Florida fans don’t test her though. Because Samantha Rivera clearly works on her stiff arm game.

RIP to that Golden Knights fan. He’s not actually dead, but his dignity is.