Nick Saban Gets Sassy With Sideline Reporter For Absolutely No Reason At All, Fans React

Nick Saban is getting extremely grumpy in his old age.

After Bama’s latest win, Saban decided to get sassy with sideline CBS Sports reporter Jenny Dell for absolutely no reason at all.

During the postgame interview, Dell asked Saban about the resiliency of his team after they stepped up to beat a tough Arkansas team following Bryce Young’s injury.

Saban bizarrely started to give Dell an attitude for asking about Young and not asking about the team after their big win.

Jenny Dell: Coach your Heisman trophy winner went down and the rest of your team stepped up, what did you learn about the resiliency of your squad?

Nick Saban: You know what I would like to talk about is our team, they made plays when they had to make them, we love Bryce, Bryce has got a sprained shoulder, we’ll see how it goes, but what about the game? what about the team? what about the players who played the game?

Fans were confused by Saban’s response to Dell.

Others believe Saban just didn’t hear the question.

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