Braves Player Auditions To Become The Next Shohei Ohtani

Nicky Lopez swings at a pitch during an Atlanta Braves game.

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Atlanta Braves shortstop Nicky Lopez flashed his best “Shohei Ohtani” on Saturday with an impressive performance at both the dish and on the mound. The infielder recorded four hits while also pitching a scoreless ninth inning.

The baseball world has taken note of his big day as they post reactions on social media.

Ohtani is a known commodity around the MLB as he leads the AL MVP race with the Angels. The dual threat star has posted a .305 average this season while blasting a Major League leading 40 home runs. He also has 10 wins as a starting pitcher.

He might have a little competition, though, given Lopez’s most recent outing.

The shortstop went 4-6 at the plate, including hitting his first home run of the season. Lopez racked up five RBIs in the process to help the Braves blow out the rival Mets, 21-3.

That ninth inning home run wasn’t the end of Lopez’s day, though. He was soon called upon for his first pitching appearance of the year.

And he performed admirably.

After walking the first batter he faced, Lopez recorded three straight outs to end the contest. He wouldn’t receive a save due to the lopsided score of the game, but he would grab the attention of baseball viewers.

Here’s what they had to say after the big day.

Jokes aside, it was a fantastic day for Nicky Lopez.

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