Nike Jersey Honoring 4-Year Anniversary Of Colin Kaepernick Taking A Knee During Anthem Sells Out In Seconds

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On Thursday morning Nike honored Colin Kaeernick and the 4-year anniversary of when he first kneeled during the anthem to protest police brutality with a special all-black “True to 7” jersey that dropped on the SNKRS app.


Through his continuous commitment, the number 7 jersey has become an iconic symbol for progress and positive change. Colin and Nike team up together once again, this time with a Triple Black jersey, paying homage to the anniversary of Kaepernick seeking what’s true.

True to each other. True to the movement. True to 7.

Here’s what the jersey looks like.

LeBron was seen wearing the jersey just a few days ago before a game.

Unfortunately for those who were trying to get their hands on the jersey it sold out within seconds of being put on sale.

The Kaepernick anniversary jersey is currently reselling on StockX for about $400, which is about three times above the $150 retail price.