Nike’s New World Cup Ad Will Have You Counting Down the Days


What is it about ads and the World Cup? At this point, I’m bombarded by so much content online and on TV that it’s incredible anything affects me on an emotional level anymore—but dammit, when you (and by you, I mean geniuses at Nike) feature an ad with a few flags and a gravelly-voiced commentator and soccer stars staring stoically while some military march plays in the distance, I’m there. I’m fucking THERE.

This year’s commercial stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Neymar, and their game faces. They run down a series of tunnels and man, can you imagine running down those tunnels? The ad at least makes an effort.

I’m ready for Rio. But that being said: 2010’s “Write the Future” campaign will never be topped.

[H/T: USA Today FTW]