O.J. Simpson Transferred To Protective Custody Because The Prison Fears Someone Could Kill Him Before He’s Released

One day after O.J. Simpson was granted parole, the former football great has been moved to a separate part of the prison from the general population and put in protective custody because prison officials fear that an inmate “with nothing to lose” may hurt or kill Simpson before his release.


After Simpson was granted parole during Thursday’s hearing, Simpson was moved out of the general population and into confined housing, a rep for the prison tells us.

We’re told there’s no specific threat on O.J.’s life but several inmates in the prison have life sentences “and nothing to lose” and may be “opportunists” looking to hurt or kill Simpson before he leaves to raise their own profile.

The prison rep said O.J. did not request the special protection but explained, “It’s in the best interest of O.J. and the prison to make sure that he’s safe and comes out in one piece.”

O.J. is expected to be released on October 1. barring any disciplinary issues.

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