A’s Fans Plan Reverse Boycott To Send Message To Ownership Leaving The Rest Of The MLB Confused

An Oakland A's logo on the front of a jersey.

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Oakland A’s fans are not happy with the team’s pending move to Las Vegas. Many have taken things into their own hands as they look to send a message to ownership.

This comes with the team sporting the lowest attendance in the MLB, as less than 9,000 viewers coming to the ballpark on average.

The move to Sin City, which was announced earlier this year, cited those support issues as part of its reasoning for leaving the Bay area. Fans, however, blame owner John Fisher for not investing in the franchise. That comes in both the form of its aging stadium and the current roster management.

Oakland’s current payroll also ranks dead last in baseball.

Those A’s fans don’t believe themselves to be the problem, and should the front office put a formidable product on the field, they’d show up to games. Unfortunately, they won’t have many more chances to prove that point.

In one last attempt to stand up to ownership and show that Fisher and Co. truly are at the root of the cause, A’s fans have planned a reverse boycott for Tuesday’s game against the Rays.

The reverse boycott comes with ‘Sell the team’ t-shirts as well as a reported $30K in money raised. Unfortunately, not many believe the plan is going to make the statement they’re hoping for.

Most MLB fans had the same collective response.

One person wrote, “They can barely get 8k fans at a game. Packing the stands with 10k fans for one out of 81 games isn’t showing that the fans are not the problem. It kind of does the opposite.”

This fan said, “But the fans are the problem. I’ve seen minor league games consistently sell more than A’s games this year. The Cubs were horrifically bad for decades and still had no problem selling tickets.”

Some think it’s ironic that fans finally want to show up when the team is winning, with this person saying, “The best part is that the A’s are riding a 5-game win streak right before this scheduled reverse boycott game. How ironic but beautiful.”

“Giving the current owners money. Yeah, that’ll show them big time,” this tweet read. Again, maybe not the message they want to send.

Where have we seen this before…?

It will be interesting to see how many fans show to the A’s reverse boycott. We’ll see if it has the result they’re hoping for.

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