The Oakland Raiders Might Always Lose, But Their Millionaire Owner Is Winning At Life

The Oakland Raiders might be one of the shittiest teams in the NFL, but things look to be on the rise, as they’re favored to win this weekend for the first time in two years, so that’s something to look forward to.

While the team has struggled on the field and there continue to be rampant speculation that they’ll move from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, the guy running the entire operation, owner Mark Davis, doesn’t seem too affected by everything.

Mark Davis—who took over the reins of the franchise from his late dad, Al Davis—might have a team that’s worth $1.43 billion, according to Forbes, but he’s still keeping shit real by driving his ’97 Dodge Caravan with a vanity license plate and a VHS player mounted on the roof inside, using a flip phone from 2003 and eating at P.F. Chang’s almost every day to read the newspaper.

According to a story from, here’s how Davis’ day goes:

“Most days start the same — behind the wheel of a white 1997 Dodge Caravan SE outfitted with a bubble-top Mark III conversion kit, a VHS player mounted to the roof inside and a r8hers personalized plate. Mark Davis pilots this machine from his East Bay home to the nearest P.F. Chang’s, where he sits at the left end of the bar, same spot every time, puts his white fanny pack on the counter, orders an iced tea and unfolds the day’s newspapers. Beside him on the bar, next to the papers, is his 2003 Nokia push-button phone with full texting capability. When someone calls and asks him where he is, he says, ‘I’m in my office,’ and sends a knowing nod to the bartenders. It gets ’em every time.”

Are you kidding me? This is epicly bro—especially for a dude with millions at his disposal.

While other sports team owners like Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban fly around on their private jets, Mark Davis keeps things 100 by being a normal guy.

If you have time, go read the entire ESPN story and find yourself (gulp) rooting for the Raiders—because Davis is an epic bro who keeps shit 100.

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