NFL Insider Reveals Odell Beckham Jr Signing Could Mean More Big News Is Coming For The Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens WR Odell Beckham Jr

Getty Image / Michael Owens

The Baltimore Ravens have had a pretty memorable offseason in 2023.

They have been at the center of the NFL’s biggest story for months now as fans have waited for a resolution to Lamar Jackson’s contract situation.

That resolution hasn’t seemed to get any closer recently, but the Ravens have at least managed to make headlines for another reason.

They signed Odell Beckham Jr to a one-year contract after he spent all of last season as a free agent.

Now it seems that move may be somewhat related to their quarterback situation.

NFL insider Ian Rapoport believes that Odell Beckham Jr signing with the Ravens is connected to what the future holds for Lamar Jackson.

Rapoport pointed out that Jackson quickly shared his involvement in the recruitment of Beckham Jr after he signed in Baltimore.

It felt safe to assume when Beckham Jr signed with the Ravens that he wasn’t doing so with the expectation that he would be catching passes from Tyler Huntley or a rookie QB. Either of those scenarios would have made it very unlikely that he would trigger the incentives for the last few million dollars of his contract.

The move also doesn’t make much sense for the Ravens if they aren’t going to have a quarterback that makes them a contender in 2023.

If this report is correct, there are still some big question facing Jackson and the Ravens. What is the contract that he plays the 2023 season on going to look like? Will he play on the tag for the 2023 season? Is he willing to lower his contract demands to secure a long-term deal with the Ravens?

Lamar Jackson wanting to stay with the team is definitely good news for the Baltimore Ravens, but it still feels like this situation is far from resolved.

Maybe the Ravens bringing in the most recognizable receiver Jackson has had the opportunity to play with during his career can help them change that.