The Official 2023 Colorado Buffaloes Drinking Game Is Probably Bad For Your Heath

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We here at BroBible dot com cannot and will not ever advise that you drink to excess.

Always drink responsibly and in moderation. Never drink and drive, and always designate a driver.

However, if you should choose to drink heavily, the official (TM) 2023 Colorado Buffaloes drinking game would be one very entertaining and easy way to do so.

The Buffs figure to be on national television a lot this season thanks to first-year head coach Deion Sanders and must-watch players such as Shedeur Sanders, Deion’s son, and superstar Travis Hunter.

And it just so happens that Colorado is perfectly suited to building a drinking game around (which, again, we would not advise doing).

So if you should decide that you want to make watching Colorado and Coach Prime all that much more interesting, here are the rules:

1) Take one sip every time you hear Travis Hunter’s name mentioned on the broadcast.

2) Take one sip any time they bring up Jackson State or HBCUs

3) Take one sip each time Deion Sanders comes on your television screen

4) Drink three sips any time Shedeur Sanders has either a passing or rushing touchdown

5) Finish your drink any time Travis Hunter scores a touchdown or records an interception/fumble recovery

6) Take one sip every time the broadcast mentions the transfer portal

7) If Deion Sanders gives an in-game or halftime interview, drink for the duration of the interview

8) Take a sip every time the Buffs have an explosive play (runs that go at least 10 yards and passes that go at least 15 yards.)

9) Take a sip every time they allow an explosive play

10) Drink one anytime they mention Shedeur Sanders being the coach’s son

11) Finish your drink if the broadcast mentions a Colorado player being a Heisman Trophy contender

12) Finish your drink if they talk about the Buffs potentially winning the Pac-12

13) Take a sip every time Colorado’s mascot, Ralphie (a very good girl), is shown or mentioned

14) Take three sips each time they mention how bad Colorado was a year ago

15) Waterfall if the broadcast shows Kordell Stewart’s “Miracle at Michigan

16) Finish your drink if they mention Colorado’s fifth-down win over Missouri

17) Finish your drink every time the final whistle blows and the Buffs win

There you have it. The official 2023 Colorado Buffaloes drinking game. Good luck, and godspeed.