Here’s Our Official NFL Draft Drinking Game

One drink for any:

  • Use of the word “upside”
  • Use of the word “potential”
  • Time a commentator suggests picking for value not need
  • Non-skilled position player drafted – you’re going to get a nice early buzz
  • Comparison of a drafted player to a player already in the league
  • Trade
  • Mention of last year’s quarterback class
  • Time a team makes a pick in under three minutes

Two drinks for any:

  • Reference to a player’s performance at the combine
  • Audible cry from a drunk in the balcony
  • Time character issues are mentioned
  • Non-FBS is player drafted
  • SEC player taken in the 1st round
  • Commercial break
  • Skill position player taken
  • Time a media member tweets the pick before it’s announced

Three drinks for any:

  • Mention of a player’s “closing speed”
  • Discussing of a quarterback’s offensive system
  • Street slang from Stuart Scott
  • Suit that isn’t black, brown or blue
  • You recognize a player selected after the fifth round

Four drinks for any:

  • Claim that a player is a “coach on the field”
  • Soon-to-be dumped WAG at draftee’s side
  • Time an offensive or defensive end is referred to as a “bookend”
  • Time a team does not get their pick in on time

Five drinks for any:

  • Time Mel Kiper’s hair is out of place
  • Ivy League player selected