The Official Super Bowl Drinking Game

Regardless of how you like to watch the game, one thing remains absolute certain: Super Bowl Sunday is a certified man holiday, so it's time to drink up and celebrate because there won't be another meaningful game of football until September. 

Here are some rules to make the big event even better. 

Note: if you're watching in a house of more than 5 bros, I'd highly recommend investing in a keg. 

One drink for each: 

  • First down 
  • Kick/punt return 
  • Penalty 
  • Russell Wilson rush attempt
  • Time an announcer mentions the weather (“playing out in the elements” counts)
  • Mention of Peyton Manning's legacy 
  • Budweiser commercial 
  • Time an announcer praises Manning's recovery from neck surgery 
  • Repeat of, or reference to, Richard Sherman's post-game rant 
  • Time an announcer talks about Marshawn Lynch at media day  
  • Flashback to an earlier Super Bowl 
  • Movie preview during a commercial break
  • Time a defender does the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag after breaking up a pass 

Two drinks for each:

  • Sack 
  • 4th down conversion
  • Marshawn Lynch “Beast Mode” reference 
  • Time Manning throws three straight completions
  • Time Eric Decker's wife is shown  
  • Mention of Tim Tebow
  • Overhead shot of the stadium 
  • Coach's challenge flag thrown 
  • Time Seattle's adderall scandal is mentioned 
  • Shot of bug-eyed Jack Del Rio on the sidelines 
  • New York vs. New Jersey debate 

Three drinks for each: 

  • Touchdown
  • Field goal attempt
  • Turnover 
  • Reference to legal marijuana 
  • Time Percy Harvin misses a play with an “injury” 
  • Julius Thomas catch 
  • Time Pete Carroll hugs one of his players 
  • Moment John Elway is shown 

Finish your drink if:

  • John Elway is shown chewing tobacco 
  • Any running back or receiver goes over 100 yards 
  • Someone scores a special teams touchdown 
  • A team cracks 25 points 
  • It snows at any point during the game
  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at half-time wearing socks on their cocks

Finish the keg/bottle if:

  • The power goes out in the stadium again