Oklahoma State Used Optical Illusion To Distract Texas Field Goal Kicker

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No. 6 Oklahoma State hosted Texas on Saturday and pulled out all of the stops to try and win. When the Longhorns set up to attempt a field goal late in the second half, the Cowboys’ video department got creative with the video board at Boone Pickens Stadium.

The interesting home-field advantage tactic probably shouldn’t be legal and will likely be outlawed after the game, but it was creative and you can’t knock ’em for trying. Cameron Dicker was able to knock in the 40-yard attempt anyway and cut the score to 24-20 in favor of the home team.

Even though it’s a little bit shady and didn’t work, the creative effort makes a big difference from a visual standpoint. It will be interesting to hear Dicker’s take on the optical illusion after the game, assuming that the media asks all of the right questions.