Olivia Dunne Teases Fans After Being Named ‘Rizz God’ On New Viral TikTok

Olivia Dunne

Taylor Hill/Getty Image

Popular college gymnast and Sports Illustrated model, Olivia Dunne, has teased her fans with a viral TikTok video while enjoying her luxurious vacation in Capri, Italy.

The 20-year-old gymnast, who has been taking a break on the Amalfi Coast after a busy start to 2023, earned the title of “Rizz God” through an AI app during her trip.

Earlier this year, Dunne competed as part of the Louisiana State gymnastics team, which achieved a commendable fourth-place finish at the NCAA National Championships.

In May, she made her debut as an SI Swimwear model, captivating audiences with her stunning photoshoot in sun-drenched Puerto Rico.

During her downtime in Italy, she shared a TikTok video with her millions of followers, showcasing an app that rates a person’s charm, or “Rizz.” To her surprise, the app awarded Dunne a perfect score of 100 and bestowed upon her the title of “Rizz God.”


the rizzometer has spoken… foryou wrizz

♬ white tee – 🫂

With her caption, “The rizzometer has spoken…,” Dunne playfully engaged her fans and left them eagerly anticipating more, as the video was viewed over 4 million times in less than 24 hours.

Throughout her Italian adventure, she has delighted her followers with picturesque snapshots of her beach excursions, including moments spent on a luxurious yacht in the crystal-clear waters of Capri.

Dunne has been a millionaire since she turned 18 thanks to her social media fame. Since then, she has remained in the spotlight, garnering attention and admiration from her dedicated fan base.

Recently, Dunne expressed her gratitude for her supporters in an emotional social media post. She shared her love for meeting new people and encouraged her fans to approach her if they ever see her, expressing her desire to meet each and every one of her supporters.

Despite the mixed emotions that come with increased visibility, Dunne appreciates the overwhelming love and support she receives from the majority of her followers.

Dunne’s impressive online presence is evident through her massive following on TikTok and Instagram, where she has accumulated over 11 million followers combined.

With her charm, talent, and glamorous lifestyle, Olivia Dunne continues to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving fans eagerly awaiting her next move both on and off the gymnastics mat.