Oregon State and Washington State Fans Are Down Bad After PAC 12 Disaster

Oregon State and Washington state football

Getty Image / Ali Gradischer

Oregon State and Washington State fans have had a bad day, to say the least. Their status as a member of a power conference in NCAA Division I Athletics is likely coming to an end.|

The two have been members of what is now the PAC 12 for over 100 years each. They’ve developed both in-state rivalries and regional rivalries.

Yeah, about that. The PAC 12, in any recognizable form, is no more. Following the announced departure of USC and UCLA last year and Colorado last week, Friday was Armageddon. Oregon and Washington are headed to the Big Ten, while Arizona, Utah, and Arizona State are headed to the Big 12. That leaves Cal, Stanford, Oregon State, and Washington State in the PAC 12, with no media deal hopes.

Cal and Stanford are in a different boat due to their academic prestige. But, Oregon State and Washington State look destined for second-class-citizenship in the hierarchy of college football. Their conference media payout could drop from around $30 million to as low as $5 million. Their rivalries with their in-state rivals could be gone. And, they will be even more irrelevant than they are currently in the college football world.

And, understandably, Oregon State fans and Washington State fans are down bad.

Definitely wouldn’t want to be a graduate of those two schools right now.