Fans Call The Orioles The Most Creative Team In Baseball As They Continue To Kill Celebration Game

A Baltimore Orioles player celebrates an extra-base hit.

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The Baltimore Orioles have been baseball’s most creative team thus far in the 2023 season. The squad boasts a number of epic dugout celebrations as they congratulate teammates on their offensive achievements.

This week, we’ve seen a trio of choreographed moments from the club following both base hits and home runs. The awesome cellies have led to an eruption from MLB fans online.

Earlier in the week, we saw Baltimore’s “Beer Funnel” celebration, which they use after a batter drops a bomb on an opposing pitcher. After rounding the bases and entering the dugout, the hitter is immediately met by teammates with a funnel and water.

They showed viewers an additional weapon in the celebration arsenal on Tuesday night after a Baltimore batter hit a double. This one is called the “sprinkler”, and it’s become an instant fan favorite.

After extra-base hits, the Orioles hitter turns to the dugout while doing the “sprinkler” dance. As he’s doing this, teammates spit water from their mouths like a fountain.

There’s a common theme in these celebrations, and it goes back to your days as a kid on the diamond. They call it, “Bringing it back to the backyard.”

That beer funnel is actually a water hose, like one you might’ve drank from while playing a pickup game with friends. The sprinklers are self-explanatory.

There’s also a water faucet signal after singles.

Here’s the story behind the celebrations, as told by the players.

Fans have been quick to post responses to the celebrations.

One person wrote, “The Orioles are the MLB version of the Savannah Bananas, and I love it.” Another said, “Baltimore is by far the most fun team in baseball.”

Hard to disagree.

The Orioles are having fun with the sprinkler, faucet, and water hose cellies. We’ll see if it leads to wins on the diamond.