Former World Series Winning Manager Ozzie Guillen Is Ready To Throw Hands With MLB Reporter Jon Heyman

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Ozzie Guillen is an all-time great personality in Major League Baseball. The three-time MLB All-Star is also a two-time World Series champ. Once as a coach and once as a manager, and he has a pretty good shout to land in Cooperstown one day.

But Guillen is also never shy about making his voice heard. Guillen’s incredible tenure with the Chicago White Sox provided fans with numerous incredible moments. He’s now been out of baseball for 10 years, but Guillen was back in the spotlight on Wednesday.

Ozzie Guillen And MLB Reporter Jon Heyman Have Major Beef

Guillen is currently locked in a wild feud with baseball report Jon Heyman. It started when Heyman made a quick-witted comment about Guillen insulting current White Sox manager Tony La Russa.

Guillen didn’t like that Heyman spoke out, and quickly fired back with a tweet of his own.

That set off a string of tweets with the two arguing back and forth about what was said and their history with one another.

Guillen eventually came up with a simple solution. Why don’t the two fight? He challenged Heyman to a boxing match to raise money for charity.

Heyman responded to Guillen, but he didn’t except the challenge to a fight. Instead, the New York Post writer suggested they both donate to charity and ditch the scrappin’.

Not exactly the most valiant move, but probably considered the more adult thing to do. Fans roasted Heyman for his perceived cowardice.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon. But you never know what could happen down the road.