The PAC 12 Is On The Clock As Media Deal Set To Expire

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Getty Image / Ethan Miller

It’s been a wild few weeks on the college sports realignment scene. And, at the center of all the drama is the PAC 12.

The once proud conference is on its deathbed, having butchered nearly two decades worth of television deals to leave the conference far behind the Big Ten and SEC in terms of annual revenue. That forced USC and UCLA to have to make the decision to leave the conference for the Big Ten last summer, where they will begin play in 2024.

And, recently, Colorado decided to leave the conference for a return to the Big 12, where they spent decades. That’s spurred potential action by Arizona and maybe Arizona State to leave the PAC 12 for the Big 12 as well, and now it seems very possible that Oregon and Washington will be headed to the Big Ten.

After months of saying that a PAC 12 media deal proposal was right around the corner, commissioner George Kliavkoff finally presented one this week, though it was very underwhelming. The deal was around $20 million, around 25% of what each Big Ten school will be getting and 66% of what each Big 12 school will be getting. And, to make matters worse, that offer is set to expire on Friday.

What an epic disaster for the PAC 12. If you’re a fan of Washington State or Oregon State, you better learn Mountain West, buddy.

Garrett Carr
Garrett Carr is a recent graduate of Penn State University and a BroBible writer who focuses on NFL, College Football, MLB, and he currently resides in Pennsylvania.