Packers Exec Appears To Admit Aaron Rodgers Will Not Be With Packers Next Season

Aaron Rodgers disappointed

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Packers President/Ceo Mark Murphy was brutally honest about the Aaron Rodgers situation during a recent interview.

Earlier this week, ESPN’s Diana Russini reported that the Packers allowed Rodgers to speak with the NY Jets about a potential trade.

Murphy spoke with ABC’s Green Bay affiliate on Friday and revealed why the team let Rodgers talk to the Jets.

“It’s a situation where I think we wanted to help Aaron achieve what he wanted, as well as the Packers. Hopefully it’ll create a situation where it’s a win for both sides.”

Murphy heavily implied that the team planned to part ways with Rodgers this offseason.

During the interview, Murphy said that no matter what happened, Rodgers will be eventually be brought back to have his number retired.

“Very few players play for only one team. Brett had a great career here. Aaron had a great career here. Regardless of what happens, Aaron will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He will be in our hall of fame. We will bring him back and retire his number”

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