Packers Undrafted Rookie RB Honors Late Father With Outstanding Debut Performance


Quinn Harris/Getty Image

Green Bay Packers Undrafted rookie running back Emanuel Wilson showcased an extraordinary performance during the opening week of the 2023 NFL pre-season against the Bengals.

The game, coinciding with the 14th anniversary of his father’s passing, witnessed Wilson’s remarkable display on the field, leaving fans and teammates in awe.

Wilson, despite the emotional weight of the day, rushed for an impressive 111 yards and managed to score two touchdowns, capturing the hearts of both his team and football enthusiasts across the nation.

The performance included an 80-yard touchdown run as well.

Speaking about the poignant coincidence, Wilson shared, “Throughout the whole week, I was really like, ‘Dang, I’m really playing on the day my dad died.’ It’s also a blessing to go out there and do what I need to do.”

The powerful performance wasn’t just an honor to his late father but also a testament to Wilson’s perseverance and dedication to his passion.

Following the game, he took to Twitter to express his gratitude and emotions: “Today marks 14 years of the day my father was taken from me. Today is also my first NFL game and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to play on this day 💙.”

The heartwarming sentiment in his tweet resonated with fans and followers, showcasing the emotional significance of this milestone for the young athlete.

As Wilson continues to make strides in his NFL career, it’s evident that his late father’s memory serves as a source of inspiration and motivation.