Paige Spiranac Breaks Down The Biggest Chokes In Sports History

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The Boston Bruins set NHL records during the regular season after dominating teams at home and on the road.

Boston set NHL records for most points in a season with 135. They also surpassed the 2018-19 Tampa Bay Lightning (62 wins) for an NHL-record 65 wins. Boston also set records for Goal Differential, Goals Against Per Game, and Team Save Percentage (.931).

After setting all of these regular season records the Bruins then lost to the Florida Panthers in Game 7 of the First Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

It wasn’t as big of a choke job as the Tampa Bay Lightning getting swept by Columbus in 2018-19 and I say that as a TB fan. But the historic loss did get former pro golfer Paige Spiranac thinking and talking about the biggest chokes in sports history. Obviously, 28-3 is on that list. For my money, that’s the biggest choke in sports history.

On Paige Spiranac’s list of the biggest chokes in sports history is the Atlanta Falcons choking away a 28-3 lead against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and Jean van de Velde choking away a 3-shot lead at the Open Championship on the 18th hole.

Paige also adds the 1993 Houston Oilers who had a 35-3 lead in the 3rd quarter against the Buffalo Bills. If the modern internet was around during that game they would never hear the end of it, ever.

As a Tampa Bay Lightning fan, I feel like our team getting swept by Columbus after a historic regular season and the Presidents Trophy deserves to be on the list. I’d also add Greg Norman blowing a 6-shot lead at The Masters in 1996 to the list because it’s such an iconic meltdown.

What about you guys, which choke would you put on your Mt. Rushmore of Sports Chokes? Let us know on Twitter or in the Facebook comments.

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