Former UFC Star Paige VanZant Stuns Followers In Latest Instagram Photo

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Whether or not Paige VanZant ever steps foot into a cage or ring for a professional fight is something only she knows.

But for now, the former UFC superstar seems to be doing pretty well for herself.

VanZant made a name for herself in the premier MMA promotion in the world. But a series of tough losses saw her leave the company and eventually wind up in BKFC.

She fought two fights in the bare knuckle boxing promotion, losing both, before stepping away.

It appeared that was the end of VanZant’s combat sports career. Especially as she excelled as a social media influencer and appeared to be beginning a pro wrestling career.

But now BKFC president Dave Feldman seems to believe that’s no longer the case.

“I actually questioned that myself, but she had a conversation with a couple of the guys on the team and I don’t think that she’s moved on,” Feldman recently told MMA Fighting. “I think she wants one more crack at it. I know that I want to give her one more crack at it, so I think we’re going to have at least one more run there.”

He then proceeded to praise her fighting spirit.

“Paige, she always comes to fight,” Feldman said. “Some people want to say, ‘She lost twice.’ She lost two close fights. She came to fight both times. She challenged herself both times. She doesn’t have to fight a day in her life ever again and she’s going to live a superstar life. She wants to challenge herself again.”

But if VanZant doesn’t return, it’s easy to see why. She’s amassed a following of over 3.2 million people on Instagram, and her popularity seems to be still growing.

Her latest viral post, captioned with only the word “tan”, shows VanZant looking bronzed and ready for summer in a blue bikini.

Her followers swarmed the post. VanZant gained over 28,000 likes and nearly 250 comments in just five hours.

It’s clear she has plenty of options for her next career path. And it also appears there’s no wrong choice.

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