Pat McAfee Drops Nuclear F-Bomb Live On ESPN While Discussing Aaron Rodgers’ Torn Achilles

pat mcafee dropping an f bomb


Pat McAfee recently began his tenure with ESPN after signing a massive contract with the company to bring his radio show to their network over the summer.

While McAfee’s productivity and personality make him an extremely valuable asset for ESPN, there are going to be some learning curves for the former Pro Bowl Indianapolis Colts punter, as evidenced by the absolutely massive F-bomb he dropped live on-air on Tuesday morning.

“I was holding out optimism [that Aaron Rodgers’ injury wouldn’t be season-ending] until Robert Saleh comes up to the thing [podium]: ‘Yup, popped his Achilles — we’re f—–!'” McAfee said on Tuesday’s episode of his show.

McAfee immediately realized his mistake and said into the mic “Can’t say that on ESPN!”

While McAfee accidentally cursing on the air usually wouldn’t be a huge deal given his status as one of the hottest properties in sports media, ESPN is owned by Disney, who are famously strict when it comes to these types of things.

Sure, he won’t get fired, but you can guarantee he’ll be getting some phone calls from some ESPN higher-ups this afternoon.

As for Rodgers, news of his Achilles tear became official around Noon on Tuesday, about 16 hours after he went down injured against the Bills. Rodgers’ career with the Jets lasted all of four snaps and did not even feature him completing a pass.

Due to Rodgers’ injury — which might end his career in addition to his season — the Jets have gone from expected Super Bowl contenders with odds of +1800 to complete long shots with odds of +5000.

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