To The Surprise Of No One, Pat McAfee Is Spending His Offseason Doing Standup Comedy

If you follow Colts punter Pat McAfee on Twitter, you know he’s a little different than most NFL players in that he’s pretty candid and really knows no bounds. At least when it comes to pro athletes that are still active, as opposed to someone like Shannon Sharpe who’s retired and barks all sorts of shit to people trolling him on Twitter.

So it should come as no surprise that McAfee has begun his offseason by kicking off a four-day comedy tour that will span four cities in Indiana. His first show was Wednesday night in Evansville and, beforehand, he spoke to a local station about what inspired him to pursue stand-up comedy, in typical McAfee form:

“My life is just a ridiculous one. I find myself in pretty hilarious situations. Like, for instance, right now, I’m wearing no underwear, I’m on a hoverboard and I’m talking to Dave Calabro for the news in Indianapolis. This is a pretty fantastic situation.”

But this isn’t McAfee’s first time doing standup comedy. He recorded a segment at Morty’s Comedy Joint for NBC’s Sunday Night Football this past season, but it was pre-empted by an address from President Obama. #ThanksObama

And while there’s not footage yet from the first night of the tour, except for this quick snippet on shitting out delicious pizza, here he is on being drafted by the Colts and talking to GM Bill Polian, hammered, and the, uh, “significance” of him wearing No. 1.

I would love to know how many players quickly chose the first number they heard so they could get back to rowdy family drunkenness. Guessing Matt Ryan was not one of them.

And here he is on being arrested, which is outstanding.

I need to meet Pat McAfee’s dad.