Patrick Mahomes Was Motivated By The Media Claiming Josh Allen Is A Better QB Than Him

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Patrick Mahomes heard all the talk about Josh Allen surpassing him as the NFL’s best QB the past few weeks.

Before Sunday’s AFC championship game, several media outlets went out of their way to say that Allen had surpassed Mahomes this season.

After the Chiefs eliminated the Bills on Sunday, Mahomes took to Twitter to respond to ESPN’s graphic that said Allen is a better QB with a yawn emoji.

During his appearance on 610 Sports Radio on Monday, Mahomes talked about responding to ESPN’s graphic by saying the team sees all the media talk around them and that he uses it to give himself a bit of an edge.

“It’s just you get tired of hearing in the media over the three to four,five weeks of we’re not doing things good enough when we’re winning football games. You try not to listen to it but you see it every single day and you get bored of it. We see it, We don’t need more to motivate us but I like having a little edge here and there.”

It sure does seem like Mahomes took all Allen MVP talk personally.

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