Patriots Go Full Back To The Future With Brilliant Jersey Reveal And Fans Are Thrilled

Patriots Go Full Back To The Future With Brilliant Jersey Reveal

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  • The New England Patriots brought out their old red throwback uniforms.
  • The reveal was brilliant — a Back to the Future remake.
  • Obviously, the throwback threads have everybody buzzing.

The New England Patriots are going back, way, way back. On Wednesday, the Patriots revealed their red throwback uniforms with a brilliant Back to the Future video.

This is absolutely well done by the social team and the players involved in this video, which look to be Matthew Slater, Kendrick Bourne, and David Andrews.

This is all because of the NFL’s rule to allow a different helmet to be worn, a rule that was put into place back in 2013 (h/t Alexandra Francisco of

But to the disappointment of many, a 2013 rule change imposed by the NFL to improve player safety mandated that every club stick to one helmet.

Well, they are back!

The Patriots’ New Red Uniforms Are A Smashing Success

This goes without saying, but these uniforms are a smashing hit for fans everywhere.

It’s hard to find anybody that doesn’t like these uniforms. The Patriots didn’t mention how many times they will be wearing these uniforms, but everybody is hoping that other NFL teams will also switch back to their throwbacks.

Of course, New England’s social team deserves a ton of appreciation for this magnificent clip.

Even in the midst of the NFL offseason, excitement is brewing in Foxborough.