Are The Patriots Underdogs? Robert Kraft Seems To Think So And Is Embracing It

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick

Getty Image / John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe

The New England Patriots face the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1 and they are clear underdogs in the tough season opener at Gillette Stadium. And the Patriots might very well find themselves playing the role of underdogs this season as they over/under win total was set at 7.5

It’s almost unfathomable the Patriots are bona fide underdogs after a nearly two decade dynasty under Tom Brady. Consider this: the New England Patriots haven’t made a top 5 pick in the NFL Draft since selecting Willie McGinest with the 4th overall pick in 1994, almost 30 years ago.

Despite decades of unmatched success, Patriots owner Robert Kraft isn’t shying away from their status as underdogs. He’s embracing it. And that’s honestly a little unsettling for fans of opposing NFL teams because this is something that hasn’t been seen from the Pats in a long time.

Robert Kraft told reporters:

“I sort of like that most people are picking us to come in fourth in the division. I think there’s a great chemistry. This is a young team, too. This might be one of the youngest teams. I think Coach (Bill Belichick) has done a good job overall. I think having Bill O’Brien come here and work with Mac, they seem to have great chemistry. I’m actually excited about the team.”

Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots do have an ace up their sleeve against the Eagles. The franchise will pay tribute to Tom Brady with a 14-minute ceremony at halftime. Kraft said “I’m excited because our fans never really got a chance to say goodbye in a proper way. We’re going to do something special and unique with him (Tom).”

Brady won’t have a direct impact on the game but his presence is certain to evoke something extra from the Patriots players on Sunday. Nobody on that squad wants to lose in front of the goat, not on the day they’re paying tribute to the greatest player in NFL history (in terms of championships).