Paul George Doesn’t Seem To Remember His Time With The Indiana Pacers The Way The Rest Of Us Do

NBA star Paul George

Getty Image / Kevork Djansezian

It has been nearly 6 years since Paul George last suited up for the Indiana Pacers and fans still don’t give himg the warmest welcomes when he heads back to Indy.

Still, it seems he still has a fond recollection of his time with the Pacers.

The only issue is that his recollection of that time might not be the most accurate.

On his new show, “Podcast P with Paul George”, George was discussing his current relationship with Pacers fans.

According to George, they don’t boo him because of the way his time with the team ended, but because of love after he “hung banners there”.

I genuinely feel as much as they aren’t happy with how things went about, they boo me because, at the end of the day, it’s love. And I’ve still got love there. I hung banners there. I’ll always be grateful for the time that I was there.

There’s no doubt that Paul George had a successful run with the Indiana Pacers and their playoff clashes with LeBron James’ Miami Heat were very entertaining, but did this man say “banners”?

I mean, he technically isn’t wrong. The Pacers do have a couple of banners hanging from George’s time in Indiana.

Those banners are for winning the Central Division.

Usually when stars talk about hanging banners those banners are for much bigger achievements.

The fact of the matter is that George gets booed by Pacers fans because of the way he left the team.

George forced his way out of Indiana after 3 years of the team hovering around the back end of the Eastern Conference playoff race.

Unfortunately for George, the move didn’t exactly work out as planned. He was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he didn’t win a playoff series.

The results have been better with the Clippers as they’ve made an appearance in the Western Conference finals, but he has still yet to raise any banners fans are going to remember.