Paul George Just Won His First Fishing Tournament, Catching Over 20-Pounds Of Big Ass Bass

Indiana Pacers star Paul George is making headlines for being a goddamn winner, only it has nothing to do with his normal trade of basketball. The NBA star’s recent achievement is getting picked up by every website on the world wide web, and rightfully so.

A few days ago Paul George and his close friend Jacob Wheeler (of Wheeler Fishing) won a bass fishing tournament after they caught a collective 20.17-pounds of bass (presumably Largemouth Bass as pictured), and tied for the ‘Big Bass’ prize of the tournament with a 5.49-pound hog. The two were fishing on Wheeler’s home lake of Geist Reservoir just outside of Indianapolis:

As stated above, Paul George is now HOOKED on competitive fishing, as is the case with any fisherman who’s ever competed. All it takes is that first taste of glory and you’re hooked for life, always in search of the next big fish and the next trophy. It’s been about seven years since my last fishing tournament, I was still living down in Florida at the time, but we also won the ‘big fish’ bounty of that tournament with a 40-pound wahoo out of Lighthouse Point near Boca Raton.

The NBA player obsession with fishing is nothing new though. Retired NBA star Jared Jeffries even has his own fishing show on the Outdoor Channel titled ‘Modern Fishing with Jared Jeffries’ that enables him to travel the globe and catch the biggest goddamn fish you could ever imagine. If, like me, you’re into watching fishing on TV then I highly suggest you set your DVR for Jeffries’ show.